Local care home makes resident's wishes come true

Hilda Swarbrick (103) has been a resident of family-owned and run Cherrytree Care Home in Countesthorpe for four years. 

Throughout the years, she has shared her love for knitting with her fellow residents and has made many friends since moving to the home at the age of 100. “Knitting is my happy place,” said Hilda.

The Knitting Club, part of Cherrytrees resident-lead activities programme, is where Hilda lovingly creates over 104 blankets and sends her cosy comforts to the local neonatal unit for Leicester Hospital and to the children in Africa. Nothing means more to Hilda than knowing she can do everything she can to keep the children safe and warm.

Not only does Hilda love to knit, but she also has a wish for reliving her days as being a Lollipop Lady. A wish of which the Home Manager, Prity Somani, and the team members at Cherrytree Care Home have worked tirelessly to make come true. 

“Hilda has a kind nature, full heart and is incredibly generous. We are so lucky to have her as part of our family and will do everything we can to make her wishes of being a Lollipop Lady again come true,” said Prity Somani, Home Manager.

To celebrate her 104th birthday, on 19th September, everyone at Cherrytree Care Home banded together to fulfil Hilda’s wish of being a Lollipop Lady once more.

As a young adult, Hilda worked as a Lollipop Lady in her local village. For over a decade she was adored by many and always had sweets in hand to give to the children. She quickly became a favourite and is remembered still to this day by those who had the utmost privilege of sharing an unforgettable encounter with Hilda on the way to and from school. 

Please join us to wish Hilda Swarbrick a very happy 104th birthday on 19th September.

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